Michigan is the future of America and the engine of her revival.

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Identity Crossroads

For more than 50 years, Michigan has experienced the destruction caused by a one-sided relationship with countries hostile to our values.

Our brightest organizations have had their intellectual property stolen. Our meaningful jobs have been outsourced, tearing apart our communities and families.

Now we face a new generation of threats. Our kids are being controlled by influential spy technology, turning our future against themselves. Our food sources and land are being purchased out from under us, putting our greatest asset (fresh water) in danger.

The Michigan Republican Party believes we must learn from our past, focus our attention on building the future, and renew our spirit.


Stop the march of Global Authoritarianism. 

The Democrat party, in direct partnership with China and globalist organizations, has abandoned Detroit and the working class. Together they have stolen the identity and spirit of freedom from the once greatest city in America. And now their eyes are on Michigan. On this current path, Michigan will become the global headquarters for communist influence and power, and drive Michigan into a deeper depression.

The Michigan Republican Party is the party of liberty.
We won’t stop until Detroit and all of Michigan have renewed their spirit again.

"Now the Lord is that Spirit, and where the Spirit of the Lord is, there is liberty."



The Michigan Republican Party believes families should have the opportunity to flourish on a single income - this is the foundation of our future.

We are the party of limited government and will return liberty and opportunity to Michigan families again.

Michigan will be the future of American excellence.

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As the next generation prepares to lead Michigan, we look to the horizon. With clear eyes, we will address Michigan's most significant challenges.

The Michigan Republican Party believes strong messaging and unwavering principles are our best fundraising opportunities. A party that speaks clearly and inspires action will be a party that wins in 2024 and for years to come.

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