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Chairwoman Kristina Karamo and Co-Chairwoman Malinda Pego were elected to lead the Michigan Republican Party on February 18, 2023.

Kristina Karamo, Chairwoman

Malinda Pego, Co-Chairwoman

The Republican Party is focused on what brings diverse Americans together in celebration of our nation, our history, and our future. We believe in all Americans’ opportunity to succeed, the freedom to make our own choices, and to be fearless in expressing oneself.

Today, we remain the party of the little guy: The worker, the small business owner, the entrepreneur. The Democrats are the party of the elites: Big Tech, Big Media, Big Labor, Big Corporations, Big Cities, and Big Government. All of which got richer and more powerful over the pandemic, while small businesses, families, children, and workers suffered. Our goal is to put the little guy back in charge and restore the American Dream for everyone, regardless of where they come from or where they live. That means electing Republicans up and down this great state.

Looking to support the Michigan Republican Party? You can donate online or mail a check to:

Michigan Republican Party

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