January 20, 2024: Message from General Counsel, Dan Hartman

Dan Hartman, General Counsel

January 20, 2024
The text of Dan's message follows

Hi, this is Dan Hartman.  I'm still the Michigan Republican Party General Counsel.

I am writing to you today because of the lawsuit that Malinda Pego and several others filed against Kristina Karamo, trying once again to topple her as Chair.  As you know, the party abides by the Heitmanis doctrine, which indicates that intraparty disputes are resolved within the party.

I have therefore, at the direction of the Chair, prepared a motion for summary disposition and to request for attorney fee sanctions and costs, based upon the fact that the court lacks subject matter jurisdiction to resolve this dispute.

Interestingly enough-- one of the named plaintiffs is Warren Carpenter, who resigned from the State Committee.

Anyway, as we move forward in this saga, be aware that not only does Kristina Karamo enjoy the support of the vast majority of the actual Precinct Delegates, but that the State Committee, which had 61 of the 106 members present, voted to retain her by rejecting the motion for removal -- with one in favor and sixty against.  One of those against, was an abstention, which is counted as a negative vote.  In addition, it is clear that the 83 members who were present at the State Committee meeting, voted to declare and make it crystal clear, that the January 6th meeting was invalid for the reasons found in the Policy Committee sub report which is attached to our summary disposition.   It was a voice vote, but my recollection is that there were 83 members present and voting, and two voted orally against the motion to declare January 6 invalid.

The court has no further work to do.  The State Party has already resolved this matter.  Thank you for your time.

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