Cabal-Like Operation Guts Oakland County Voters, Leaving Them Vulnerable And Disenfranchised

A team of election integrity warriors fought back against the tyrannical Chair of Oakland County’s Board of Commissioners and his “ghosting” of Royal Oak voters.  Video footage shows how MIGOP State Committee Members, Dr. Philip O’Halloran, Chairman of the Election Integrity Committee, and Braden Giacobazzi confronted Dave Woodward regarding the possible disenfranchisement of voters. In a canvassing sample, 50% of the voters contacted indicated they cast a ballot, yet the official records did not show their vote was recorded.  Ballot Proposal B (rank choice voting) passed by only 165 votes.  In true autocratic fashion, Woodward exhibited smug and pompous behavior while being confronted about his public dismissal of a lawsuit filed against the Oakland County Canvassing Board and the Royal Oak Clerk.  The video clearly shows how the Commissioner deletes the existence of these residents and degradingly refers to them as “ghosts”.  More disturbingly, he publicly admits he did not review the lawsuit before referring to it as “baseless”.

When Woodward was asked if an investigation should be opened, his knee jerk reaction was to demand the names of those residents, when he hadn’t read the lawsuit.  Instinctively, Dr. O’Halloran recognized how disclosing the names of those voters could expose them to unnecessary intimidation.  Given his blatant disregard for separation of powers, one must ask why he attended the Royal Oak recount in the first place. The Board of Commissioners is not part of the election certification process, yet Woodward spent the day inserting himself into a functional responsibility not under his purview.  His superior attitude further exemplifies communist regime-like tactics of the World Economic Forum, recently incorporated into Oakland County.  

Woodward has a history of operating with blatant disregard for election laws. Specifically, he unlawfully eliminated three Republican nominees, who are all staunch election integrity advocates, from being appointed to the County Canvassing Board.  Instead, he manipulated the nomination process, to ensure the appointment of the Republican Board Canvasser, who rubber stamped the election results.  His attendance was certainly a signal for the complicit, acquiescent certification of the recount.  The cabal-like operation gutted Royal Oak voters and left them vulnerable to continued disenfranchisement. All four of the canvassers refused to carry out their duties under MCL 168.872 to investigate the petitioner’s allegations.

The MIGOP is calling on concerned Oakland County Republican residents to engage in the fight for election integrity.   Michigan Republican Chairwoman, Kristina Karamo, “This video depicts how dedicated and determined election integrity warriors, Dr. O’Halloran and Mr. Giacobazzi represent the Michigan Republican Party’s tenacious commitment to ensure that Michiganders’ God-given rights will not be undermined by engineered processes and rigged elections conducted by anti-constitutional tyrants.  Oakland County Republicans and all residents deserve better political representation, and I encourage those weary of being disregarded by overlords to join the Michigan Republican Party and help ensure the security and accuracy of future elections.”

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