Open Letter: Disinformation Campaigns

Pastor Austin Kreutz, Precinct Delegate, Allegan County

January 10, 2024


Last Saturday was the January 6 insurrection. This was not an insurrection that took place in Washington, DC; instead, it was an insurrection that took place here in Michigan. A group conducted an illegal meeting with false representation and tried to remove the current chair, Christina Karamo, from her position.

The disinformation spin continues attempting to dictate the direction of our party without the proper use of rules and procedures. Now the subversives are declaring they are in charge and "Acting Chair Malinda Pego" can cancel and arrange state Committee meetings. This is not something new. For months, we've been receiving emails from people who do not have enough courtesy or courage to identify who they are. Stirring up the pot with false information, they have created a whirlwind of confusion, focusing their energies on their own personal agendas rather than their nation, their state, and, for that matter, their children.

At this point, the rats have exposed who they are—saying that they are the ones that are in charge and even trying to thwart a legitimate State committee meeting on January 13th. If you're going to remove a chair, do it legally using the rules and procedures that are provided. Putting out disinformation without identifying who you are is illegitimate and subversive.

Every Friday, I voluntarily produce a podcast with the chair, Kristina Karamo ( If you go to the website, you will not only hear what information is true but many of the rumors will be quelled and put to bed with the information on the page. I urge you to listen to these podcasts to get the information directly from the chair.

We cannot continue with this constant disinformation and personal agendas and survive as a party here in Michigan. On January 13th, the state committee will come together to solve this issue and many others. As a precinct delegate in Allegan County, I strongly suggest censuring the current vice chair and possible removal. This should be done according to the rules and regulations found in our party constitution and bylaws. I further suggest the same be done with each of the coup's leaders being censured and possibly removed from the office they hold. This should be done according to the rules and regulations found in our party constitution and bylaws.

If the above issues are not accomplished, we will be on the verge of a split, which will guarantee the Democrats will win, and we will go the way of the Whig Party fading into the sunset and being insignificant. I urge the State Committee to meet on January 13 and deal with the issues. Otherwise, we may spend unnecessary time and money fighting each other in court while handing the Democrats a win.

Respectfully submitted,

Pastor Austin T Kreutz

Austin T Kreutz

PO Box 94

Allegan, Michigan 49010

269 567 8330

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