Regarding the January 6, 2024 Gathering -- Dan Hartman, MIGOP General Counsel

JANUARY 8, 2024

Good morning. Today's date is Monday, January 8, 2024. I am still the General Counsel for the Michigan Republican Party. I am speaking to you today in a voice memo to discuss two issues with you.

The first issue is that Malinda Pego, has asserted that she is the acting Chairman of the Republican Party. I personally don't care if she declares herself the Queen of England. This has no force or effect on anything.

She has issued letters to many, many members of the administration staff, informing them they are fired - to cease and desist and to save records. These letters can be disregarded because Malinda does not have the authority given to them.

The second reason that I'm discussing things with you is to have a conversation regarding some people have sent emails or inquired as to whether or not my presence at this meeting which occurred on January 6 somehow renders it to be a lawful meeting - that is crazy. I also went to church yesterday - that did not make that a Michigan Republican meeting.  My presence does not create or constitute official business.  In fact, my presence at the meeting - which there was a meeting of people who are affiliated with the Republican Party, but it was not a state committee meeting - was to not only express the fact that it was illegally called, and an illegal meeting based upon lies and falsehoods, but also to tell them that Kristina Karamo (had they chosen to listen) to defend her record. Unfortunately, they chose not to do so, and as a result, they took a vote. Yes, I participated in the vote, not because it was an official act of the party, but because it was a poll of people that were present. And because of my presence there, they chose to mark me down as being one of the 45 State Committee members of the 107 people there.  I wanted to be on the record that I had opposed what they were attempting to do. I also chose to participate in this meeting, though it was not a legal meeting, to voice my objections, and to within the parameters in an orderly fashion of their meeting, tell them what they were doing was wrong, illegal and a farce.

Finally, I want to just address a couple of other things. It is extremely important that no matter what messaging you hear, or court documents, or whatever else happens, that each and every member of the State Committee and every delegate that is concerned appears for the lawfully called meeting on January 13. This is an intra-party matter. Court matters do not have the authority under the Heitmanus doctrine to determine the outcome of what is going to occur.

Every delegate, every county member, every district member, and every state committee member needs to assert your authority, come together and we'll have a vote. The majority of the people present wish to recognize the meeting as official or to repudiate the meeting is unofficial - that is the manner in which this matter will be resolved.

So once again, I thank you and I will continue to keep you posted.  One last comment is, I know with artificial intelligence, it is possible to have somebody impersonate a vote or voice - I apologize. And if somebody issues a decree or you hear talking or you see a letter purporting to be a signature, do not believe it.  Kristina Karamo is still in the fight for you, and she will be until the lawfully-convened state committee meeting makes an otherwise determination.

Once again, we do not recognize the actions of January 6 and this group of people who have conspired to steal the party. 37% does not constitute a super majority.

Thank you and God bless.

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