Isabella County Sheriff’s Office Will Stop Driving To Some Calls Due To Record-High Gas Prices

June 9 2022

Isabella County Sheriff Michael Main Said His Office Can No Longer Afford To Keep Their Cars Gassed Up

“As if it isn’t bad enough that Gretchen Whitmer’s actions are slashing through family budgets, now they’re slashing through public safety budgets, too, forcing our officers to cut back on routine patrols,” said Gustavo Portela, MIGOP Deputy Chief of Staff & Communications Director. “We’ve already seen a spike in crime in Michigan on Gretchen Whitmer’s watch, and she’s not doing anything to solve this growing problem. Fortunately, this November, Michiganders can make Gretchen Whitmer a one-term governor and elect a Republican to solve all the disasters created and abetted by Gretchen Whitmer and her cronies.”

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