Party Platform

We Care About All People

All people are made in the likeness and image of God, and must be treated as such.

We are the party of Constitution

The Constitution is measure for internal party accountability, electability, and governance.  

Party Cohesion

The State, County, and District Republican Party must operate in synergy.  

Confront the Culture

Unless we are willing to disrupt the cultural paradigm, we will lose elections. We must shift public perception about issues, the rejection of Judeo-Christian defined morality is destroying our society, creating chaos.  This chaos will lead to the expansion of government. Being reactionary, puts us at the mercy of the Secularist collapsing society. We must be proactive of what we stand for, while displaying that we are still committed to protecting the rights of those who don’t agree.  

Grow the Party

The Republican party must expand our base by effectively spreading our message to every corner of Michigan.  

Michigan First. America First.

The encroachment of global authoritarianism through public-private partnerships not only weakens our economy but our national security, and our national sovereignty. Innovation and business development should be from Michigan and American owned companies.  

Voter’s Rights

Our voting rights do not exist without election integrity. Our voter’s rights consist of ballot access, ballot security, and preventing illegal ballots from being cast which nullifies legal votes.

Protect Small Business

The free markets must control the means of production and consumption – not the government. Through excess taxation and regulation our small business community is being destroyed.  

Protect the Family

From the moment we’re babies to the time we are elders in our sunset years, decades of harmful policies have disrupted the flourishment of the human family. An anti-growth economy in Michigan has caused an entire generation to flee our state, causing seniors to age alone and kids to grow up without needed support uniquely grandparents provide.  

The Right to Personal Safety

Our 2nd Amendment Rights are necessary to protect our liberty, and freedom from a tyrannical government.

MIGOP Party ByLaws
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