Press Release: 2024-01-05

The Michigan Republican Party has declared tomorrow's January 6th gathering, organized by a faction of the State Committee, to be unauthorized and out of compliance with the Party's Bylaws and, therefore, incapable of any official business of the Michigan Republican Party.

Lansing, 2024-01-05

Tomorrow's meeting is a deceptive attempt to manipulate Republicans into thinking that the gathering and its stated agenda -- to make motions to amend party bylaws, remove Chair Kristina Karamo and others -- will be legitimate. In fact, per the legal findings of MIGOP General Counsel Dan Hartman and Policy Committee Chair Heath Wall, the meeting is not compliant with Party Bylaws. It is, therefore, not an official meeting of the State Committee. For example, Article V, Sec. A, paragraph 1 states: "The Chairman shall preside at all meetings of the Committee..." and Chairwoman Karamo has made it clear in numerous communications that she will NOT be in attendance at the proposed invalid January 6th meeting due to the meeting requests and agenda items being in direct violation of the bylaws.

In addition, Mr. Wall has informed Committee members of multiple other areas that tomorrow's meeting fails to achieve compliance with Party Bylaw requirements governing Special Meetings. The organizers of tomorrow's meeting refuse to follow our governing Bylaws, hoping to achieve through deception and leftist media coverage what they lack support to accomplish through the transparent, prescribed process.

The Chairwoman has scheduled a valid, Bylaws-compliant Special Meeting to take place in Houghton Lake on January 13th, and Chairwoman Karamo will be in attendance.

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