Press Release: 2024-01-06

A small fringe faction of State Committee members staged an illegitimate gathering to claim removal of Chairwoman Kristina Karamo.

Lansing, 2024-01-06

The rogue cabal of anti-grassroots establishment operatives, led by Malinda Pego, initiated the attempted coup when they colluded with Matt DePerno and other unethical individuals from the Oakland County Republican Committee.

They called today's bogus gathering as a preemptive ploy to illegally remove the chair, and many other State Committee members.  This entire process is illegitimate according to the rules of the Michigan Republican Party bylaws and is illegal based on Michigan election laws.

Chairwoman Kristina Karamo and her administrative officials will take swift and decisive action to hold all participants in today's attempted coup accountable to the fullest extent allowed under the rules of the Michigan Republican Party bylaws.

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