Press Release: 2023-12-16, 11:18 AM

Royal Oak Recount Proceedings Get Heated Over Red Flags And Potential Voter Disenfranchisement

Lansing, 2023-12-16

The Oakland County Board of Canvassers, a bi-partisan, four-member board, comprised of two Democrats and two Republicans (nominated by the Oakland County Chair) is once again embroiled in election integrity issues and potential voter disenfranchisement in yesterday’s recount of the City of Royal Oak’s close Proposal B (rank choice voting) race.

Election Integrity Volunteer Investigators preparing for a recount initially raised red flags regarding the unusually high number of absent voter ballots that were sent to the voters but never cast.  This prompted the citizen-led investigation unit to conduct a field canvassing mission of over one hundred households in Royal Oak.  The results of this investigation found that for those individuals who answered their door, twenty-five voters spread throughout multiple households attested to having voted.  However, further investigation revealed that Royal Oak's official city records indicate these Michiganders did not vote.

Once the Oakland County Board of Canvassers was properly notified that at least twenty-five voters in Royal Oak affirmed they voted and their ballots were not recorded in the official records as being received, it would seem feasible to want an accurate answer on whether these voters may have been disenfranchised.  Given the Board’s broad investigative powers, which range from subpoena power to forensic experts, one would think they would do the right thing and conduct a thorough investigation.  This was not the case at all.  Not only did the inept Board refuse to investigate these claims, and despite vocal protests from citizens at yesterday’s recount of the November 7 election, they willfully rubber-stamped the certification and ultimately abdicated their responsibilities to the voters.

Dedicated MIGOP election integrity stakeholders Dr. Philip O’Halloran and Lori Skibo, along with other members, were present at the Royal Oak recount proceedings.  The team of concerned citizens witnessed several improper procedures and potentially illegal actions of the recount process.  Based on what was witnessed by several concerned citizens, multiple challenges were filed. The dictatorial-style behavior exhibited by Dave Woodward, the Democrat Chairman of the Oakland County Board of Commissioners, was on full display.  In the ultimate act of cowardice, he praised the unlawful removal and mocked Mrs. Skibo to silence her voice and delete her presence, when she criticized his role in rigging the Canvassing Board’s nomination process.  This type of unchecked authoritarianism from Democrat elected officials cannot and will not stand.

Before the proceedings ended, the Oakland County Board of Canvassers and the Clerk of Royal Oak were served with civil complaints, filed by the recount’s petitioner, William E. Harrison, an 82-year-old Vietnam combat veteran.

Chairwoman Kristina Karamo stated, “This is a time for Michigan Republicans to stand together, regardless of differing perspectives, and fight to eliminate election corruption and ensure that no Michigan voters are disenfranchised due to derelict behavior of election officials.  We will not stand by and see our voices diminished or our presence deleted by dictatorial democrats.”

The Michigan Republican Party will continue to fight against systemic election corruption and stands with those voters in Royal Oak who may have been disenfranchised.   We urge all Royal Oak residents to go to where they can determine whether their vote was included in the City's official results.

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